Below is the summary of the steps needed to extract your Business Plan Quarterly Update from Cosential. For detailed, step-by-step instruction, please review the attached document. 

Summary of Steps:

Step 1: IMPORTANT - Ensure ALL YOUR Opportunity data is updated and accurate in Cosential

  • If not, your revenue and fee projections will be inaccurate.
  • The following data MUST be accurate for all of your Opportunities
  • Anticipated Award Date
  • Construction Start and Construction End Dates
  • Potential Swinerton Revenue (Project's $ Value)
  • Fee %
  • Client Probability and Win Probabilities

Step 2: Login to Cosential and go to the Goals Module

Step 3: Using the Revenue Projection tool in the Goals Module

  • Click on Alerts and Update the Opportunities listed if there are any

Step 4: Distribute Revenues for the opportunities listed

Step 5: After Distributing Revenue for all Opportunities, Export the grid and import into the BP Detail Substantiation Workbook