Below is the summary of the steps needed to input Cosential Revenue Projections into the Business Plan Detail Substantiation. For detailed, step-by-step instruction, please review the attached document. 


  1. NOTE: It is recommended that PENDING sales be included in the Marketing Plan Portion of your Business Plans
    1. If you are confident that the project will move forward, convert it to a 10b: Sale Closed and include it with your Preliminary Awards or JIP's in your Business Plan.
    2. If you include Pending Sales in Preliminary Awards, make appropriate adjustments in the DM Adjustment line of the Substantiation Excel File to avoid duplication (i.e. including the Pending Sale in both PA's and Marketing)
  2. Self Perform Work in the Marketing Plan
    1. For those Divisions tracking Self Perform Opportunities in Cosential and want to include Self Perform in their Marketing Business Plans, no adjustments need to be made
    2. However, if you do not want Self Perform work (that is being tracked in Cosential ) included in Marketing Business Plans, then use the DM Adjustment Lines to adjust accordingly within the appropriate Department (ie: drywall, demo, etc.)

Summary of Steps:

Step 1: Open the Revenue Projections Excel Export from Cosential and check columns against the BP Detail Substantiation Tab 03 to confirm alignment and data

Step 2:  Copy and Paste the data into Tab 03-Cosential Pipeline Data of the BP Detail Substantiation

Step 3:  BEFORE MOVING TO NEXT STEPS - Use Tabs 00, 01, and 02 to verify there are NO Values in the Red Cells on any of these three tabs

Step 4:  Use Tab 01 - Mktg Plan Burnoff to enter DM Adjustments for Revenues and Fees

  • Tab 05 - Manual DM Adj Notes + Calcs is available to work through and document your adjustments and can be linked back to the Tab 01 DM Adjustments as needed

Step 5:  Your Financial Controller will input the final numbers on Tab 00 - FMW Mktg Plan for Upload into FMW

Step 6:  Upload Excel File/Workbook to Z Drive with the rest of your Business Plan to the appropriate year/qtr (Z:\SI\Accounting\Financial Reports\20XX\Business Plans\XX Quarter)