How to edit a credit card

Use cases:  Use this task to update the account status of the credit card for an employee who is terminating or has a change that no longer requires use of a credit card. 

Note: this task updates the account status, it does NOT cancel the card itself


STEP 1: Log into Workday

STEP 2: Search for and select task "Edit Credit Card"

STEP 3: Enter the name of the employee you need to cancel a credit card for, and press enter on your keyboard

STEP 4: All credit cards assigned to the employee display. Select the card you want to edit

STEP 5: Click [OK]. 

STEP 6: Update the following fields:

a.  Select account status 'Canceled'

b.  Enter a cancel date

c.  Click [OK]

Note: if the expiration date is blank, the system will require one in order for you to save the cancellation. Enter the same date you entered for the cancellation date and then click [OK].

The credit card account status now shows as Canceled and the card is no longer visible on the employee's profile.