How to Transfer an Asset

Use cases:  

  • The worker who has the asset has a change in their location or job
  • The location of the asset itself has changed 
  • A worker is terminating and you want to issue it to another worker 
  • A worker is terminating and you want to have it available for use in the future

Note: this task cannot be used to transfer an issued asset to another company.  

Please refer to:

STEP 1: Log into Workday

STEP 2: Locate the asset that you want to Transfer.  You can locate the asset from the Company Property section of the worker's profile or from the "SWIN - Find Assets" report

STEP 3: Once you've located the asset, hover over the Asset ID until this icon appears:

This opens up some actions.  Choose Business Asset > Transfer 

STEP 4: 

a.  Enter comments related to the asset transfer (optional)

b.  Enter an effective date for the asset transfer (required)

c.  Enter the worker who you are transferring the asset to (optional)

Note: If you don't have a worker to transfer the asset to but you want to remove it from the current worker, remove their name from this field and leave blank.

This will also remove the location, add the current location back in. When you don't have a worker to transfer the asset to this puts the asset back into inventory.  You can find these types of assets by running the "SWIN - Find Assets" report for Asset Status = In Service.

d. Enter a location the asset is transferring to (optional)

e. Click [Submit]

The asset has been transferred