How to Register an Asset

Use case:  Use this task to register an asset. An asset must be registered before it can be issued to a worker or location. 

STEP 1: Log into Workday

STEP 2: Search for a select the task 'Register Assets'

STEP 3 : Register the Asset

a. Company - Enter the company the asset is tied to (required)

b. Spend Category - Select the appropriate spend category - this is the asset category (required)

c. Asset Description - Enter a description of the asset (optional)

d. Asset Identifier - If the asset has a phone number, enter it here (optional)

e. Serial Number - If the asset has a serial number, enter it here (optional)

f.  Coordinating Cost Center - enter the cost center for this asset (required)

g. Acquisition Method - choose Purchased (required)

h. Acquisition Date - enter the date the asset was acquired if different from the default date (required)

Note: an asset cannot be issued to a worker for a date that is BEFORE the acquisition date

i. Location - Select a location the asset is tied to (optional)

These are the only fields that should be used to register an asset.  Please do not use any other fields, as only these fields are reportable

STEP 4: Click [Submit].

Note: Do not exit this screen if you need to immediately issue the asset to the worker.  Stay in this screen and open this solution: Issue Asset

If you do not need to issue the asset to a worker at this time, proceed to step 5. 

STEP 5: Click [Done].

The asset now has a status of Registered and can be issued at any time.