How to Edit an Asset

Use case:  Use this task to edit an asset. This may be necessary when you need to add additional details to the asset that were not available at the time the asset was created, or that you forgot to enter.

Note: this task cannot be used to change the company assigned on an asset to another company. 

Please refer to:

STEP 1: Log into Workday

STEP 2: Locate the asset that you want to Edit.  You can locate the asset from the Company Property section of the worker's profile or from the "SWIN - Find Assets" report

STEP 3: Once you've located the asset, hover over the Asset ID until this icon appears:

This opens up some actions.  Choose Business Asset > Edit 

STEP 4: Enter your updates.  For this example, a description was not previously entered so details for the office badge have been added.

STEP 5: Click [OK]

STEP 6: Click [Done]

The asset has been updated.