Connecting Your Mobile Device or PC to ClickShare Base Unit (Through Wi-Fi)

This functionality requires the installation of the ClickShare App on your device. Scan the QR code or click here     



  1. Connecting to ClickShare base unit Wi-Fi can be required when seeking to:

  • share content from your mobile devices
  • share from your PC

when you are on a non-networked device while wanting access to the base unit's web configurator.



2.  Find the base unit’s Wi-Fi name (aka the SSID).  By default, the SSID on the ClickShare device will be shown in the information boxes of the default splash screen (seen in the image below) or in the top left corner (when a custom wallpaper has been configured). When unchanged, the default SSID is "ClickShare-<serial number>". If this does not work or if this information is not displaying, please contact BTech Service Desk at 866-647-5200 for assistance.



3.  Connect to the base unit's Wi-Fi.  On your PC, go to                             

Internet access settings (the Wi-Fi icon is in your tool

bar near the date and time display) "lower right corner of 

monitor" select “Wi-Fi” and select the base unit’s SSID from the network list.



 4. login to your ClickShare Base Unit Wi-Fi.

The default password is clickshare

 By default, the SSID (label 1), Wired IP (label 2), and Wireless IP (label 3) information on a ClickShare device can be found on the splash screen (pictured on right) displayed on the meeting room’s screen.





  5. Once connected to the ClickShare Wi-Fi, the next step is to provide the ClickShare passcode shown on the ClickShare wallpaper. You will enter the passcode on your screen.




 6. ClickShare is ready to use (ClickShare circle icon button will appear on the device screen).