CORE - Rental Order Contract Billings - Sales Billing

Sales Billing:
These are billing for items that you are selling the project with no expectation having them returned.

Sales Billing Steps (Monthly):

STEP 1: Click Billing / Approvals 

STEP 2: Click Billing 

STEP 3: Click Return Billing

STEP 4: Click Create New

STEP 5: Cut-Off Date:  Enter the month end Cut-off date (the month you would like it to be billed through)

STEP 6: Bill by: Leave default as All

STEP 7: Transaction: Leave blank for All

STEP 8: Branch: Leave default of your branch

STEP 9: Account: Leave blank for All

STEP 10: Bill Date: Use "CMiC Post Date" for period of this Billing

STEP 11: Contract: Leave default of 0 for All 

STEP 12: Click Save to start the billing run 

STEP 13:  Click Yes 

STEP 14: Click Yes

STEP 15:  Click the X in the upper right hand corner to close

NOTE: The Sales Billing screen will close and launch sales billing.  Billing records will be calculated and the system will integrate to CMiC on the scheduler or when manually run.