Search for Contacts in the Exchange Global Address List from your iPad / iPhone

Once you've added your Swinerton Exchange account to your iPhone by following our Solutions article you can follow the steps below to access the Global Address List (GAL) and search for Swinerton employee contact information.

1. Open the Phone application (or the Contacts application).

2. On the Contacts page, tap Groups on the top left.

3. Towards the bottom of the groups list, tap on "Exchange Global Address List", it will close the list and open a search page.

4. Enter the name of the contact you are searching for. By design, results will not show until at least 4 characters are entered, this prevents downloading a large amount of contact information.

5. Tap on a contact to show their information.  You can then "Create New Contact" or "Add to Existing Contact" to add them to your phone's default contact group.