Data Entry

There are three ways data can be entered into the index fields; Manual Entry, Single or Double Click Entry, and Custom Form.

Manual Entry

Once a field is clicked on or tabbed into, you will be able to manually enter data into the Edit Window:

Single or Double Click Entry

An alternative to manually typing in the data is Single Click Entry. Simply, click on the field that you will be indexing and then just locate the word on the page. Move the mouse over it and then single-click on the word. The word will automatically be placed in the index field. Double-click the word to fill in the value AND confirm it.

When entering data in this manner, the document automatically becomes flagged for auto learning. The document icon in the Batch Content view will have a plus sign on it.

Note: This applies only to the following fields:

- Invoice Number
- Invoice Date
- Invoice Amount
- Discount (selected vendors only)
- Job Code
- Invoice Description

Custom Forms

The address fields can be automatically populated by utilizing the custom search address forms. Please see Kofax Fields for more details