Assign Posted Voucher to Subcontract



STEP 1: Subcontract Management > Utilities > Assign Posted Voucher to Subcontract


STEP 2: Enter the Vendor/Sub Number > Enter the Invoice Number > Enter the Job Number and Contract Number you want to assign your invoice to

  • The current invoice coding will appear under Distribution.



STEP 3: Allocate the dollar amount under Current Amount to the Task number of where the vendor invoice should be assigned to.






STEP 4:  Click Process to finalize attaching voucher to subcontractor commitment.





STEP 5:   Blank screen will appear > Type in the batch # or double click batch field for query > look for the batch #, select > populates batch #, and select post.


STEP 6: Post request for payment screen will appear > add Posting date


STEP 7: Select post > posting is completed will appear after selecting post.