STEP 1: Open Autodesk BIM 360 website and sign in:

STEP 2: Click the module selector and click Field Management 

STEP 3: Select Checklists in the upper left

STEP 4: Select the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the checklists you want to bulk edit. 

    -Selecting In Progress and Not Started – you will only be able to Edit Attributes

Selecting multiple Completed checklists will allow you to Archive Checklists or *Reopen checklists. *Reopening checklists can only be done by the Project Admin for the project.

Archiving checklists will not snyc on mobile devices but can be reopened by the Project Admin on the project. *Archiving checklists should be done when you want to VOID a checklist. Do not delete any checklist even if it was created by accident!!

To view Archived checklists, select FILTER by the search bar and filter by Active, Archived or both. To unarchive a checklist, select the checklist(s) you need to unarchive and select Bulk Actions.

From there, select restore checklists or reopen checklists.