STEP 1: Open Autodesk BIM 360 website and sign in:

STEP 2: Select the module selector and click Field Management 

STEP 3: Select Checklists in the upper left

STEP 4: Select Create checklist in the right hand corner

STEP 5: Select a checklist template and hit create

STEP 6: Edit Checklist title

  • Leave _FWI, _PMI, _MEPF, etc. in the beginning of the checklist name to pull correctly to the Quality Tracker!
  • Add the scope being reviewed if it’s not evident 
  • You are unable to change the checklist numbering sequence

STEP 7: Fill out the Checklist Instance Details on the right-hand side with the appropriate information. 

STEP 8: Fill out the checklist

STEP 9: When you are complete with a section, you can select Done OR you can select next section.  

  • By selecting Done, that Closes the section. You can reopen the section by clicking on an item in that section.
  • All Required fields (not labeled “optional”) need to be completed for you to select Done.

STEP 10: If you selected Done, you will notice the section is marked Done in the upper right and you can move onto the next section. 

*You can reopen the section by clicking on an item in that section.

*If you selected the next section without hitting done, the section will show as “in progress”.

STEP 11: As you complete your checklist, if an item is nonconforming and marked as No, Fail, False or -, the item will auto-create an issue for you!

You can click and edit the information from this screen, or you can edit the issue from the Issues tab!

STEP 12: When all sections are marked as Done and the checklist requires signatures, you can select Show Signatures. *If you need additional signatures, they need to be added within the template ahead of creating your checklist, reference Adding Signatures to a Checklist how to guide.

STEP 13: Make sure to fill in the name and company for the person signing the checklist.

STEP 14: After all signatures are filled in, you can complete the checklist. Note: If you are missing a required field, you are unable to mark a checklist as complete. 

STEP 15: If signatures are not required in the checklist, you have the option to select Complete Checklist at the top or when you click into a checklist that has all the sections complete, a pop up will ask if you would like to complete the checklist.