STEP 1: Open Autodesk BIM 360 website and sign in

STEP 2: Select the module selector and click Field Management 


STEP 3: Select Templates in the upper left

STEP 4: Select Create New Template in the right hand corner

STEP 5: Fill out the required information:

  • a)    Title
  • b)    Description (optional)
  • c)    Type
  • d)    Issue Settings – do you want anything that “fails” to auto-create an issue?
  • e)    Allow adding section assignee – do you want the ability to assign sections to someone or a company?
  • f)    Require signatures on checklist completion – do you need signatures for your checklist?

STEP 6: Click Next in the bottom right after the Checklist information has been filled in


STEP 7: Fill in the template information. 

  • a)    Add sections to your template
  • b)    Edit each section title and sub section items
  • c)    Change the answer type from the dropdown
  • d)    Add additional items within a section
    • Select the dots to add a description, make an item optional, edit issue settings, or delete. 


  • e)    Add a new section to your template here as well  
  • f)    Edit the template details
    • Update issue settings, section assignee’s and signatures

STEP 8: Once you have the checklist template created, select Publish in the bottom right. Your checklist will show in the Templates section of checklists and you can edit, export or delete the template. 

You can also select the template, click the pencil in the upper right and edit the information.