PJob (Bid Job) Log -

The PJob Log is located in Boomi. This log will give project teams important information on the status of a Bid Job not yet in JIP. Bid Jobs are used to track costs associated with Opportunities we are pursuing.  They are created by Cosential users in your Division through Cosential. If you do not see the bid job you were expecting in this log or in CMiC Field, you need to contact your Division Cosential User.  

NOTE: This process should be completed in Chrome, rather than IE.  

STEP 1: From the CMiC Field Menu, click Swinerton Links>Job Start Log.

This will take you to Boomi. There you will be able to search for your Bid Job number.

STEP 2: In the upper right hand corner, click the filter button and click PJob Log

STEP 3: When the PJobs Dashboard pulls up in Boomi, type the bid job number number in the Search field and click Enter. Click the Actions button (eyeball on the left) to open the details of the bid job. 

STEP 4: Project specific information provided. This is for informational purposes only; can not be modified.