Guide to walk through how to add documents to an issue that you created or have been assigned to.

STEP 1.    Open the Autodesk website

STEP 2.    Select Field Management  

STEP 3.    Select the Checklists tab 

STEP 4.    Select the checklist you need to add an attachment/document to

*You can upload a document to a specific item within the checklist or you can add a document to the overall checklist. 

STEP 5.    To add a document to a specific item, find the item and select Document 

STEP 6.    Select the document you uploaded into BIM 360 

STEP 7.    Hit Select

You will notice the attachment within the specific item

STEP 8.    To upload to the overall checklist, select Add Documents under the Checklist Instance Details on the right 

(select the blue I icon if you don’t see Checklist Instance Details)

STEP 9.    Find the document in the folder you uploaded it to. Note – you DO NOT have the option to upload from your desktop here, all files need to be in BIM 360 if adding to the overall checklist

STEP 10.    Hit Select

You will notice the attachment on the right. Continue to follow the steps above to add more documents to your checklist