Daily Logs can be used by our external members on the project. Provide your daily log information to Swinerton through BIM 360 and get rid of paper!

STEP 1.    Open the Autodesk BIM 360 Docs website

STEP 2.    Select Field Management 

STEP 3.    Select Daily Logs Tab

STEP 4.    Select the day you need to add your daily log information from the calendar on the left. 

STEP 5.    Select Create new daily log in the upper right

STEP 6.    Change the Daily Log Title to Your Company Name – Daily Log

  1. Example: Swinerton – Daily Log
  2. Example: ABC Painting – Daily Log

STEP 7.    Fill in your daily log with your information for the day

  1. Enter in the project address then select Get Weather 
  2. Enter in the number of works and hours for your company. As you go through the project, select copy from previous!
  3. Enter your notes and any photos for the day.

STEP 8.    Select Publish 

STEP 9.    Select Publish again to confirm you are complete with your daily log. You have up to 24 hours to adjust your daily log.