Email Notifications for Bid Job #'s

In addition to the email notification to the person creating the Bid Job # from Cosential, A daily digest email of Bid Job #'s created are sent the following morning to your Division Manager, Preconstruction Manager, and Chief Estimator

Accessing Bid Job #'s created and details

  • To access the Bid Job # outside of Cosential via the Bid Job # Log, you can access the log using the
    • External Links area of Cosential
    • Tree View of CMiC

Using the Bid Job # Log

  • Search for Bid Job #
  • Search by Cosential Opportunity #
  • Sort by any ColumnĀ 
  • Click the eye icon under Actions column to see information about the Bid Job #

Bid Job # Details

Bid Job # information is minimal and only the required information for CMiC to create a Bid Job #