The Cybersecurity Awareness Training (CAT) Completion Report is a quick and easy way to see completion data related to the monthly cybersecurity training courses and aid in utilizing that data to streamline communications with individuals that are not up to date on their required training.  


Page Layouts


Section A – Division Comparison

  • This section displays the percentage of people who have completed the CAT arranged by month/division from highest % complete to lowest.  
  • From the Division drop down, select the division(s) you oversee and the desired year/month to narrow the displayed data from companywide stats to your division’s stats. 
  • The bar graph colors represent a gradient towards the goal of getting 85% of all staff to take the CAT training on time.
  • Be aware the “As of Date” is an indicator of the last time the Power BI was updated.  It will be updated approx. the 1st and 16th of each month for mid-month and end of month reporting.


Section B – Percentage Indicators

  • These indicators Show data related to percentage of completed training adjusted by desired month/division.
  • Early Completions – This is the percentage of staff that completes the CAT training before the middle of the month.  Think of it as a metric that roughly represents our growing “Culture of Cybersecurity”


Section C – Incomplete Training

  • By narrowing Section A down to your division(s)/desired month, Section B will indicate information on staff that has not completed the training course for that month

Arrow D - Contacting Staff with Incomplete Training

Easily gather all the email addresses of staff with incomplete training to create a mass email communication.


  1. Once you have selected the desired month/divisions using Section A (Section C will be populated with info about all staff from section A that has not completed the training), you can export the email addresses of staff that has not yet completed their training by clicking the “…” menu and clicking “Export Data” then click the Export button.  


  1. Open the exported excel file and copy/paste email addresses to an email


  1. Once all the email addresses are in the “To” field, press the check names button.  You can now craft an email to all staff that have not completed the training.


Thank you for being part of the growing Cybersecurity Culture.  Feedback and questions are welcome via a Service Desk ticket here.