Cause: Windows Updates & Bluebeam Updates could cause a malfunction that results in Bluebeam Revu not opening

Solution: Reinstall Bluebeam from the Software Center.  Make sure to close all Office programs before installation! (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc):

1. Press the Windows Key > Type "Software Center" > Open the Software Center Application.

2. Once in Software Center, in the top right search for Bluebeam, click on the most recent version of Bluebeam Revu (in this case 20.2.40).

3. On the new screen you should have an "Install" button available, click on that and wait for application to download and install.  (note: It may say Uninstall, if that's the case go ahead and click that, wait until the application shows install and click that)

4. Once Bluebeam shows as "Installed" try to load Bluebeam again. If it still does not work you may need to click the uninstall button and go back to step 3.