Based on the need to create a group for incidents and service request that are turned into problems and changes where the customer does not want us to close the ticket, I have created the below Fresh Service Group.  I have also outlined a few key items we can all use as we leverage this new group:


Basic Requirements:

  • I have limited the agents to this group so we can closely monitor the tickets that get dropped into this group and provide direction in forming this new process
    • I can always add more names as needed - - group access vs global access does drive other items to consider if we expand too many agents.  
    • My thoughts are very few tickets should be in this group and key production support staff can help facilitate these tickets
  • Any ticket added to this group must have an agent (product manager or the manager of that product manager?)
    • Should be converted to a Service Request (which takes it out of the Incident Management sla’s and process)
    • Status should be Pending (change)
    • Should link the Sharepoint Problem or Change entry URL in the ticket