Adding New Company and Contacts to Current (010) Projects and New (445) Projects -

The move to SOLV Energy required most of the active co 010 projects to be converted to co 445 projects. However, some co 010 projects stayed in 010 to be closed out there. Whether your project is now active in co 010 or 445, the project contacts for SOLV Energy users (previously Swinerton users) need to be added to ALL active projects. All projects currently have co 010 and project contacts assigned as the GC (as was previously standard). However, with the move to SOLV Energy, all CMiC users have been moved to co 445. Therefore, he new company and it's users need to be added to all current projects. 

NOTE - Please see the attached list for all projects that need to be updated. If your project is on the attached list, contacts must be updated.

STEP 1: Assign company 445 to the project via the Project Partner Directory.

    a. Click on Project Partner Directory 

    b. Click Assign

    c. Chose company 445

    d. Click Accept

STEP 2: Assign project contacts to company 445. 

NOTE: It's easiest to open co 010 contacts and move that pop up to one screen and pull up co 445 contacts on a different screen to verify all project contacts are created.

    a. Click on the Contacts icon for company 445

    b. Click Add

    c. Click on the Contact Code button to pull up current company contacts

    d. Find the contact 

    e. Click Go.

    f. Verify user information is correct, click Save.

NOTE: Do not add a user. If a user is missing, please contact BTech immediately to get them added to company 445.

NOTE: In the end, it's important that the co 445 contacts mirror the co 010 contacts on all SOLV Energy projects.