Deactivate co 010 Contacts on BP 010 on all Projects -

The move to SOLV Energy required most of the active co 010 projects to be converted to co 445 projects. However, some co 010 projects stayed in 010 to be closed out there. Whether your project is now active in co 010 or 445, the current project users must be active in co 445 (click HERE to learn how to update project contacts). In order for workflows to work accurately, all co 010 contacts must be deactivated on co 010 on ALL projects.

NOTE - Please see the attached list for all projects that need to be updated. If your project is on the attached list, contacts must be updated. 

To deactivate a project contact on co 010:

   a. Go to the Project Partner Directory on the treeview

   b. Click on the Contacts icon for co 010

   c. For each co 010 contacts, click the Edit icon.

   d. Uncheck the Contact Active box

   e. Click Save