General Navigation of Image Manager

This document demonstrates basic navigation in Image Manager.

STEP 1: Click the Image Manager link.

STEP 2: For each folder, a number in a brackets (XX], represents a new document that needs to be addressed. Click the (+) Vendor Invoices button to expand the folder..

STEP 3: Click a PDF and note the lower-left box.

STEP 4: Navigation buttons in the lower left box are as follows:


Prev = View the Previous document in the folder.

Next = View Next document in the folder.

Upload = Upload a new document.

Query Mode = Allows a user to query on specific fields to find the documents/data desired.

Move = Move a document from one folder to another. (Available to Corporate AP only)

Delete = Delete Document. (Available to Corporate AP only)

Save = Used as a "Save Draft" mode.  A user is not ready to "Route the document for approval."

Submit = Submit document for further processing/approval.

Upload Multiple Documents = Allows new documents to be uploaded into the system, not related to the current document on the screen.

STEP 5: Click the 1. UI Config button.

STEP 6: Two (2) options are available for viewing.


Option 2a. - (Embedded) Default view will show the PDF and the data sheet in the same window.

Option 2b. - (Separate Window) will break the PDF document out into a separate window. Great tool for a dual monitor set up.

STEP 7: Click the UI Configuration Window radio button for your screen preference

STEP 8: Click the Apply button.

In the upper-left box, Status list can be used to filter certain document status.

STEP 9 Click the Status list

STEP 10: Select *All - Show All documents no matter the status.


Not Submitted = Corporate AP has yet to complete processing

Pending = Within the Approval Process

Rejected = Rejected

Submitted = Submitted to Corporate AP for Posting/Payment

STEP 11: Click Posted


Not Posted = Not yet processed for payment

Posted = In the queue for Payment

STEP 12: Click the Types list.