Using the Query Function in Image Manager

NOTE: If you are searching for invoices on your project, your AP Imaged Invoice Log is a better log to search

How to Look Up an Invoice You Just Approved in Image Manager

Problem: You just approved an invoice in Image Manager, and you want to double check something (i.e., coding, invoice itself, etc.). You are not sure how to find the invoice you just approved, and you cannot remember the invoice number. 

Solution: You can always just go to the person who is the next level up in AP Workflow (i.e., if you are a Coder, talk to the Approver, if you are an Approver, talk to the Accountant) and ask them to check on the invoice. Or, if you want a way to look up the invoice yourself, follow the steps below. 

STEP 1: Click on Image Manager (Not workflow notifications)

STEP 2:  Choose your type 

STEP 3: Choose your Status.  *All will give you the most opportunity to find your invoice, but any status can be chosen

STEP 4: Click Query Mode


STEP 5: Choose your Company

STEP 6: Add in any further information you have about what you are looking for

EXAMPLES to narrow down the search:

  • Vendor Code (Use the Magnifying glass to search)
  • Group Code  (Ex. SBSD (for San Diego Builders) 
  • Invoice Number (Does need to be exact)
  • Routing Job = Job # (11054008) 

STEP 7: Click Execute Query – Will list all images associated with your search.


In addition to searching for project or vendor specific objects, a query can be performed based on the "Current Responsibility":
To perform this search, enter the person's full name (Not username).
If only the Person's name is entered, that will return any invoice they are responsible for, no matter the Role.

When typing the Responsible Role, enter the following:

Primary coder = Coder (lvl1)
Backup Coder = Coder backup (lvl1)
Primary Approver = Invoice Approver (lvl2)
Backup Approver = Invoice Approver Backup(lvl2)
Accountant = Accountant (lvl3)
Backup Accountant = Accountant backup (lvl3)

Use the % signs on either side of the role in lieu of typing the enter value. For example, %(lvl2)% will return all Level 2 Approval & Approval backup

In the example below, we only want to see the records where Shawna is the primary Coder (Lvl1)

If there is more than one invoice, it will give you a list of invoices  to choose from

Once the Vendor Invoice is found, the flysheet can show you the Audit History and where the invoice currently sits.  If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the flysheet it will also give you the check # and check date if paid.