Phase Types and How To Change or Add in CMiC


Phase Types are available to categorize phase codes. They are visible in the Cost Status Query and Revenue Status Query. Not all phase codes require a phase type. We are currently using the following phase types:


Overhead (OH) – This is used to identify those phase codes that should only be used on overhead jobs and should never be used on production jobs. The Overhead phase type facilitates our ability to hide overhead phase codes so that they are not visible in the lists we choose from when we are selecting or adding phase codes to production jobs. 

General Conditions (GC) – This is used to identify phase codes that track General Conditions. This phase type determines the General Conditions costs that are captured on the Project Status Report. We have assigned the GC phase type in our phase code master table to those phase codes that typically fit this description. 

General Requirements (GR) – Some contracts differentiate between General Requirements and General Conditions and have different contract terms that apply to each. Those contracts will define which items qualify as General Conditions and which qualify as General Requirements. Those definitions can vary from contract to contract. This phase type is available to make that distinction. This may require a reclassification of a phase code that defaults with a GC phase type to a GR phase type or no phase type at all. We have not assigned the GR phase type as a default to any phase code. It is available for use on those jobs that have the need to use them. 

Self Perform Phase Types:

CARP SP Carpentry
CONC SP Concrete
DFH SP Doors, Frames, Hardware
DRYW SP Drywall
SPGC SP General Conditions
SPGR SP General Requirements
SPW Self Performed Work - Other

Adding or Changing Phase Types:

• Phase Types are assigned in the master phase table. When a standard phase code is selected, it will default with the assigned phase type, or without one, if one has not been assigned.

• The Bid Items screen has a column to indicate the phase type. Even though you are able to change the phase type on this screen, it will be changed back to match the phase type in the master phase table when the budget is uploaded. So, don’t bother trying to change it in the Bid Items screen.

• Phase Types can be added or changed. If you are a PM, use the 
Assign Phases feature. Otherwise you will need to submit a CMiC support ticket for assistance.

• When a new phase code is added to a job via PCI, the phase type can be added or changed on the “Add New” pop-up that allows you to select a standard code, or add a unique code to the job.