Enter a Safety Checklist into CMiC

To add a new Safety Checklist:

STEP 1: Click the Site Management button
STEP 2: Click the Safety Check List link

STEP 3: Click the Add button

STEP 4: In the Header, add the Created Date (required) and add general comments in the Comments field.

STEP 5: All Items in the WEEKLY SAFETY checklist area MUST be addressed as Y = Reviewed, N=Not Reviewed or NA=Not Reviewed, otherwise the checklist cannot be saved

STEP 6: Comments can be added regarding specific items

STEP 7: Add Expected completion or follow up Dates
Click the Save button

To add an Attachment:

STEP 8: Click the Attachments link.

STEP 9: Click the Upload Multiple button.

STEP 10: Click the Choose Files button

                 Locate your file on your computer and add it

STEP 11: Click the Desired Document to attach item.

STEP 11: Check off the box for the file(s) you want to add.

STEP 12: Click Upload.

STEP 13: Click Proceed

STEP 14: Click the Notes tab

STEP 15: Click the Add Note button.

STEP 16: Enter the desired information into the Notes field. Enter a valid value e.g. "Add a Note".
STEP 17: Click the Submit button.

STEP 18: Verify the note has been added.