How to Add a New EIFS Checklist

One EIFS Checklist will need to be completed for every EIFS project. It is a continual checklist and a means of communication with the Risk and Quality Management teams. 


STEP 1: Click the Site Management button
STEP 2: Click the Checklist button

STEP 3: Click the EIFS Checklist link
STEP 4: Click the Add button


STEP 5: Add Created Date.

STEP 6: Add general comments in the Comments field.
STEP 7: All Items in the EIFS checklist area MUST be addressed

a. As the line item is completed on the project the as Y = Reviewed, N=Not Reviewed or NA=Not Reviewed line must be updated.

b. Comments are required as the EIFS process is being completed on the project. Reports will be sent the the QM and Risk Teams to track the projects progress.

c. The completion date for each line item needs to be entered.

STEP 8: Click the Save button.


STEP 8: Click the Attachments link.
STEP 9: Click the Upload Multiple button.

STEP 10: Click the Choose Files button

                 Locate your file on your computer and add it

STEP 11: Click the Desired Document to attach item.

STEP 11: Check off the box for the file(s) you want to add.

STEP 12: Click Upload.

STEP 13: Click Proceed

STEP 14: Click the Notes tab

STEP 15: Click the Add Note button.

STEP 16: Enter the desired information into the Notes field. Enter a valid value e.g. "Add a Note".
STEP 17: Click the Submit button.

NOTE: Do not “Submit” until all attachments have been final approved by your Division Quality Manager and the Corporate Risk Manager.

STEP 18: Verify the note has been added.