Managing Daily Journals in CMiC on a Job with Multiple Superintendents



Daily Journals are to be kept by the Superintendent for every project, beginning with the first day that Swinerton moves onsite through the completion of all punchlist items. Daily journals are one of the most important documents produced at the jobsite and it is critical they are accurate and completed in a timely manner. These journals provide a daily history of the project and are key documents when reviewing a project's history.

All fields of the daily journal must be filled out. Specifically, any events that may affect the outcome of the project should be noted. Any delay issues should be noted with reference to the critical path schedule activity that the issue might affect.

The Daily Journal must be complete in CMiC and any relevant documents or photos should be attached.

Many of our large projects have more than one Superintendent which raises the question of how to handle the Daily Journals in CMiC. If each Superintendent does their own daily journal each day then there is an increased risk of contradiction and missed critical information. There is also the risk of no one completing and submitting the Daily Journal. (One Superintendent assuming the other has completed the Daily Journal.) Both situations will put Swinerton at risk if we ever needed to go to arbitration or court.

This single Daily Journal requirement is for project types that require multiple Superintendents that are overseeing work on the same building/area. 

There will be cases such as a campus project where there are multiple buildings with a dedicated Superintendents for each building. In this case each dedicated Superintendent can and will produce their own Daily Journal but this does not elevate the Senior Superintendent from doing an overall site Daily Journal as well. 

*NOTE: You must Submit a Ticket if you need to be able to create multiple daily reports for each calendar day for a situation such as this.


CMIC will not accurately save information if more than one person is inputting information into the same Daily Journal at the same time so it is important that you coordinate who and when each Superintendent is inputting information into the Daily Journals. 

Protocol and Responsibilities:

1. Senior Project Superintendent is the lead for Daily Journals:

a. They are responsible to open each Daily Journal in CMiC

b. They will fill in pertinent information (top section)

c. They are responsible for the Field Labor tab (manpower count, hours and task notes). Remember that multiple lines can be added per sub if they have multiple crews onsite working on different areas.

d. They can delegate portions of the Daily Journal to other Project Superintendents

e. They are responsible to collect all Subcontractor Daily Reports. Subcontractor Daily Reports should be scanned and attached to each CMiC Daily Journal (this task could be assigned to the Field Administrator)

f. They are responsible for the final review and editing of each Daily Journal

g. They must submit each Daily Journal in a timely manner. Daily Journals must be submitted to be legal.

2. Other Project Superintendents should add pertinent information for each day’s happening for the work they are responsible for. This should be done in a timely manner so as not to delay the final submission of the Daily Journal.

3. All Superintendents should add attachments related to that day’s journal.

4. Each Superintendent must put their initials in front of their entry into the Daily Journal. If two Superintendents have the same initials, they must agree on how to distinguish them.

5. The page below shows an example of the first page of the Daily Journal done in this manner.