Copy Previous Daily Journal so Information Does Not Have to be Re-Entered


WHY: To save time and avoid entering the same information each day on the daily journal, an existing daily journal can be copied and the information modified.

STEP 1: Click on the 4 next to Site Management

STEP 2: Click on Daily Journal

STEP 3: Click the Add Daily Journal button in the upper right hand corner of the screen and a new Daily Journal will appear:

STEP 4: Click Copy Previous Journal in the upper right corner and a box will appear.

STEP 5: In the pup-up box, the last daily journal submitted will default as the source. If a different daily journal is to be copied, click on the magnifying glass and select the daily journal you wish to copy.
STEP 6: The General, Field Force, Equipment, Field Labor and Phase Units boxes will all default in to be copied. If you do not want to copy the information on any of these tabs, uncheck the boxes. If you wish to also copy the Notes and Attachments from the previous daily journal, check those boxes as well.

STEP 7: Click the Proceed button.

STEP 8: Your new daily journal will now be populated with the information from the selected previous journal and can be modified to record the current day's information.

STEP 9: Follow the instructions per the 
Create New Daily Journal 
document to modify the information.