Document Folders in CMiC


 Document Folders are located in the Document Management/Documents link of the menu tree. Once you click on that link a list of folders appears where documents can be uploaded and retrieved via the Attachment feature within individual modules (objects) or directly within each folder listed. Think of Document Folders as your on-line file system, each folder represents the corresponding job folder that one would typically find in a file cabinet on a jobsite. 

This document will walk you through basic adding of documents within the documents folder as well as give you an example of how same document can be used via the Attachment functions located in the individual module (object) of the system.

STEP 1: Expand Document Management on the tree view.

STEP 2: Click the Documents link

STEP 3: Double-click on the desired sub-folder

STEP 4: Click the Add Document button in the upper right of the log view screen.

STEP 5: Click the Browse button located under the Attachment column to add/upload new document to folder.

STEP 6: Drag your file into the upload square and it will automatically pull it into the folder you selected




STEP 7: You can also click on the folder from the main list and use the Upload function from within the folder. You will add the file the same way as described in STEP 6.