Changing Default User Profile Settings

STEP 1: Click your Profile link  


aThis is the "Default" information that will come in when you are added to a project.

b. Filling this out will cut down on the time spent by someone having to fill it in every time you are added to a project.

c. Update/change as desired. If specific changes are needed due to project requirements, change at the project level (Project Contact Directory). This profile will not be affected.

d. The Address Code must be selected for your Division office. This selection will ensure subcontracts and letters are populated correctly.

e. Click the Save button

 STEP 2: Click the E-Mail Notifications tab. Check the items for which you would like to receive email notifications.

Object Description = Modules available for notifications

To = The Record is "TO" you

CC = You are Copied (CC) on the record

All = Any activity at all, whether you are associated with the record or not.


New = New Record

Mod = Record has been Modified

Note = A new Note has been added

Att = An Attachment has been added.

a. Click the Save button