The issues module is used to track Quality Issues only if Autodesk Field Management can't be used on a project. 

Company standard is for ALL projects to utilized Autodesk Field Management to for quality control tracking.

Issue is for INTERNAL use only. If corrective action is required by a subcontractor, use the Communications module.

STEP 1: Click the Communication Management button.
STEP 2: Click the Issues link.

STEP 3: Click the Add Issue button.

STEP 4: Click the To button.
STEP 5: Click the Contact link.
 Remember, Issues are Internal only so you will want to choose someone from the project list. Suggestion would be to either choose yourself or your Safety Manager.

STEP 6: Choose who is the Responsibility party. This can be any of the project contacts.

STEP 7: Click the Due Date Calendar button.

STEP 8: Click the CC Up Arrow.

STEP 9: Enter the desired information into the Subject field. Enter a valid value e.g. "Safety Inspection Job Site Visit".
STEP 10: Choose the Type

STEP 11: Choose the Severity.
STEP 12: Choose the Status.

STEP 13: Enter a Description. Enter the desired information, a valid value e.g. "Corporate Safety Officer visit site today. Several issues need to be corrected."
STEP 14: Enter the desired information into the Internal Description field. Enter a valid value e.g. "See attached checklist."

STEP 15: Enter the desired information into the Suggestion field. Enter a valid value e.g. "Follow suggestion of Safety Officer."

STEP 16: Click the Save button.

STEP 17: Click the Attachments link.
STEP 18: Click the Upload Multiple button.

STEP 19: Click the Choose Files button. Pull in the document you need

STEP 20: Click the box next to the file you want to add.

STEP 21: Click the Upload button.

STEP 22: Click Proceed

STEP 23: Click the Submit button.