Run Weekly Production Input Sheet

Note: This report is what you give to your field employee tracking the quantities for input into CMiC if they are not entering quantities via the app  Best Practice would be to run this report for each day of the week they are working starting on Mondays.  Then they have some place to write down their daily quantities and can turn them into someone that can then Enter the Quantities either via the Labor Quantity App or directly in CMiC.

STEP 1: Expand Budget & Cost Management

STEP 2: Expand Labor Productivity

STEP 3: Expand Labor Productivity Reports

STEP 4: Click Weekly Production Input Sheet

STEP 5: Enter Company

STEP 6: Enter 71111

STEP 7: Enter your Job Number

STEP 8: Enter your Job Number

STEP 9: If you have different people tracking different Phase Codes, you could use the From Phase/To Phase to filter.

STEP 10: From Date

STEP 11: To Date

STEP 12: Click Run Report