Input Quantities directly into CMiC

Note: Always easier to use the Labor Quantity App, but if the app is not working you can still enter quantities in CMiC

Note: Don't forget to review your Quantity/Hours Tracking Log

Note: It is strongly suggested that this process is completed by Monday morning, for the prior week.

STEP 1: Expand Budget & Cost Management

STEP 2: Expand Labor Productivity

STEP 3: Click Enter Quantity Complete

STEP 4: Enter the company number

STEP 5: Enter the job number

STEP 6: Enter what you want to call the batch. (Something that will make it easy to go back and review)

STEP 7: Change the date to the date you are entering the quantities

STEP 8: Click Restrict to "P/U" Budget Method (This will now only pull in the phase codes with a Forecast Method of "P" and you won't have to sift through all your phase codes)

STEP 9: Click Create Batch

STEP 10: Click Retrieve All Cost Codes

STEP 11: Find the phase code

STEP 12: Enter Quantity completed for that time period

STEP 13: You can add comments, however right now they don't show up anywhere.

STEP 14: you can enter if you think there is going to be a new projected Qty, again right now that is not showing up anywhere

STEP 15: Click Save