Create the Next Meeting in a Series and Close a Meeting Track


After you have completed the meeting minutes and the 48-hour period to receive any additions or corrections has passed, you can create the next meeting. The reason to not create the next meeting prior to waiting out the 48-hours is that by clicking the Create Next Meeting button, it closes the previous meeting within that same track. Once a meeting is closed, it can no longer be edited; therefore, you must be certain that all necessary changes/updates/edits have been made in the current meeting prior to creating the next meeting.

NOTE: Creating NEXT Meeting WILL CLOSE the prior meeting automatically.

STEP 1: Click on Communication Management

STEP 2: Click on Meeting Minutes

STEP 3: Locate the meeting you updated and now are ready to create the next in the series

STEP 4: Click Create Next Meeting at the top of the screen

NOTE: All information from the previous meeting is brought forward, unless the minute item (Agenda Item No.) was in a Closed or Info status. The agenda items from previous meetings are numbered with the old meeting number. New items are numbered with the new meeting number.

STEP 5: Click the Edit button.

NOTE: You can now add and update Agenda Items, update the Attendees list and update Next Meeting Info. Click HERE for the how-to guide).

When your Meeting Series has come to an end you will need to CLOSE the Meeting Track

After you have completed a particular meeting track (series of meeting minutes) and the 48-hour period to receive any additions or corrections has passed, you can close the meeting, so the sequential track is closed on your project and cannot be reopened.

STEP 1: Go to the LAST meeting in the track you want to close.

STEP 2: Click Close Meeting at the top of the screen
STEP 3: The Status will change from Active to CLOSED