Add a Project Partner into the Project Partner Directory


The Project Partner Directory is similar to the Project Contact Directory in that you can Assign people to a project, modify User Profile, add notes about the partner and view only contact information. Unique to the Project Partner Directory is the ability to copy multiple Partners/Partner list from different Projects and the ability to add notes about a Partner. The Log View is also different as it does not display contact information such as email, phone and fax numbers. The Project Partner Directory includes Trade/Scope, Sort Order and Group assignments. This document covers what can be done through Project Partner Directory


STEP 1: Click the gray arrow to the left of Communication Management.

STEP 2: Click Project Partner Directory

The Project Partner Directory Log screen appears.

Assign an existing Business Partner to a Project:

1. In Log View click the Assign  button in the upper right of the screen.

2. In the Corporate Partners window, click the checkbox on the right of the Business Partner you would like to assign to your project.

  1. List of Value (LOV) displays in Code (numeric) order by default.
  2. Click on the Name column heading, the LOV will re-sort by alphabetical A-Z order.
  3. Click on the Name column heading a second time, the LOV will re-sort in alphabetical Z-A order.
  4. Click the Accept button to assign the selected Business Partner to the Project.

3. Complete the Project Partner detail by clicking the edit icon for the Business Partner

a. Change the Abbrev to a smart code so that it will populate CMiC with a name and not a vendor number. This can only be "8" characters. NOTE: Do not use any characters other than the & character. It could stop you from being able to pick them as a vendor in other modules.

b. Type in the Trade/Scope of the Business Partner. If it is an architect/owner you can leave blank.

c. Leave the Sort Order field blank. The Sort Order represents the printing order within the group code you assign to this Partner. It is utilized in the print function and will not resort the log/screen.

d. Choose what Group they are. (Subcontractor/Architect/Consultant) This helps in a couple of ways:

i. If you are printing out your Project Contact Report by Group, it will put everyone is the correct grouping

e. If this is not the address of the office that you will be dealing with, you will need to click Save and go to Business Partner Request.