Enter an Accepted Answer and Close an RFI

An existing RFI has been answered. You would like to change the status of the RFI to show it has been accepted. However, you do not want to drop it from the active log this week. Once you are ready to remove the RFI from the active log, you will Close the RFI in the CMiC system.

If the answer needs clarification or is unacceptable, go to one of these related how-to guides:

STEP 1: Navigate to the RFI you want to update

STEP 2: Click the Edit button at the top of the RFI Detail screen.

STEP 3: Use the drop down menu for the Status field and select Accepted.

NOTE: DO NOT use the Closed status. We will review how to properly close RFIs in CMiC at the end of this guide (see step 7).

STEP 4: Complete the Response Section:

  • Enter the Answer, Answered Date, and Answered By fielda per the RFI response you received. Note that for collab and I/O email projects this should already be populated. Also, the Answered By field will auto-populate with your name. Use the magnifying glass to then search for the correct contact who provided the answer.
  • Update Schedule / Cost Impact fields
  • Enter Estimated Days and Cost Amount

STEP 5: Attached the response email and documents (if not using collaboration or I/O email)

STEP 6: Click Submit to update the record Status throughout CMiC

STEP 7: When you are complete with the record, click the Close RFI button at the top of the RFI Detail screen

Note: Until the Close RFI button is clicked, the RFI will print on the RFI log and be listed as Open in Box 8 of the PSR

To view a complete list of RFIs with an Open Record Status:

  • Go to the RFIs - Excel Report Log
  • Set the filter to exclude Record Status of Closed
  • Review the Record Status column. This is what is pulling to Box 8 of the PSR.