Subcontractor Self Service Prequalification Application (Directions for Sub)

STEP 1: From, scroll to the bottom and select Subcontractors:

STEP 2: Click on Subcontractor Prequalification 

STEP 3: Review and Gather required documents. If you are a new business, and have less than 12 months of financial data, contact with this information. We will work with you and our project team to determine the best course of action. 

STEP 4: Follow the directions as noted depending if you are a Current or New Subcontractor:

The following STEPS are for once you are logged into the system:

STEP 5: A Federal Tax ID can only exist ONCE in the system. Duplicates are not allowed.

Enter the desired information into the Please Enter your Federal Tax ID: field and click OK.

NOTE: The Tax ID should be entered WITHOUT the hyphen. 

STEP 6: Choose a password and enter it into the Password field.

STEP 7: Enter the same password into the Confirm field and click OK.

STEP 8: Enter the Year Company Founded.

STEP 9: Enter the Company Name in ALL CAPS.

STEP 10: Enter the Legal Name and Parent Corp. if applicable.

STEP 11: Enter company Payment Address into the Address, Suite, City, State, Zip, and Country fields in ALL CAPS. 

STEP 12: Enter Contact information for the company’s main prequalification contact. This should be the Name, Phone, Fax, and E-mail of the person Swinerton will speak with regarding prequalification.

STEP 13: Select the regions in which the company does business, or choose Select All Regions. 

STEP 14: Click Next. 

STEP 15: Input information for the company’s license. Choose a state from the Authority list. Input the Class, License Number, and Date Expire.

STEP 16: Click the Add Row button and repeat the above step to add additional licenses issued to this company.

STEP 17: In the Trade Information area, use the triangle button to pull up a list of trades. Select any and all trades associated with the company and click Accept.

STEP 18: Select all Certifications that apply to the business. If none apply, Select 00-N/A.