How to Issue a Master Subcontract Agreement (MSA)

Once a Subcontractor has been Approved in Prequal then they can be issued an MSA.

STEP 1: From the CMiC Treeview, click the 4 next to Subcontractor Prequalification then click Approved Subcontractors  

STEP 2: Type part or all of the subcontractor's company name into the Search box and hit Enter on your keyboard 

STEP 3: Click on the Name or Partner Code to Open the Subcontractor Prequalification record

STEP 4: Click on User-Defined Fields tab

STEP 5:  Review “MSA Issue Status” field to see if someone else is already working on an MSA for this Subcontractor.

  • If a MSA has been fully executed, then the other four MSA fields will be filled in
  • The Executed MSA can be found on the Attachments Tab


STEP 6:  If you need to issue a MSA to this Subcontractor, click Print Report button

STEP 7:  Confirm Box next to "Group by Report Type" is check and Template is “Master Subcontract Agreement”.

STEP 8:  Click the Print button

STEP 9: Click the Run Report Button.

STEP 10: Click the Open button in the View Download pop up window

NOTE: This is a company-wide agreement, Swinerton Builders address is defaulted to our headquarters office of 2001 Clayton Road, 7th Fl., Concord, CA 94520. For Subcontractors, we are using their primary Accounts Payable address.

When Work Orders are issue for a specific job, the project team will be able to customize address just like they do for the current Subcontract Agreements.

11. STEP 11:  Type in Date of Agreement and Attachments. Download all of the most current attachments from the SwinNet Master Subcontract Agreement and Work Order Legal Page

12. STEP 12: Create pdf document with all listed attachments in the same manner as other commitment types. 

13. STEP 13: Send to Subcontractor for signature via Docusign. You need to track the return of the signed MSA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the Subcontractor requests to change any of the terms and conditions of this Master Subcontract Agreement, you must have it review by Swinerton’s Legal Department before signing it. 


STEP 14: Once the MSA has been returned from the Subcontractor and countersigned by Swinerton, submit the MSA to the Risk/Legal Department to update the Subcontractor Prequalification. Click HERE to see this process.