Remove a Submittal from a Submittal Package in CMiC


Once you have submittals contained within a submittal package, you can remove them from the package if needed. Removing a submittal from a package will not delete the submittal itself, but only remove it from the package. 

NOTE: It is not possible to delete a submittal from a from a project entirely. If you no longer want a Submittal, you will change the status of said submittal to “Void." There is a default filter in place that removes it from the job.

STEP 1: Click the plus (4) sign next to the Document Management.

a. Click the Submittal Packages link.

STEP 2: Click on the link of the submittal package containing the submittals you wish to remove.


STEP 3: Click the Edit button at the top right of the package.


STEP 4: Click the minus (–) sign on the far left or right of the screen to delete respective lines.


STEP 5: A pop-up will appear. Click OK, repeat as need for each line and click Save


STEP 5a: To remove the submittal from the submittal package click Delete, a pop-up will appear. Click OK and Save

STEP 6: The submittal will no longer be visible within the submittal package

            However, the submittal will still exist under the main list of Submittals