Navigating CMiC Workflow Notifications

Workflow Notifications are based on the USER logged in, not the specific project showing in your Project Management Tree View. You will see anything associated with you, no matter the Job Number.

1. Date - Date Workflow Notification was received.

2. Type - Type of Workflow and Action Needed (Approval or FYI)

a. SWISCOAP = Subcontract Change Order/FYI (no action needed)

3. Subject - Subject of the workflow (Bold Blue Font), which includes the Job Number

4. Approve/Close Check Box - Check the box to either Approve or Close a particular workflow. 

a. FYI notifications have to be manually "Closed" by checking this box and clicking the large Approve/Reject/Close button.

b. Approval Notifications can be Approved directly from this screen if other tasks are not required (like Invoice Coding).

5. Reject Check Box - Only Approve Workflows can be Rejected. If something is Rejected, a Comment is REQUIRED in order to complete the process. 

6. Rejected Comment Box - REQUIRED if Rejecting. For example, an Invoice is sent for coding with the wrong job, reject the invoice and note the correct job number.

7. Approve/Reject/Close Button - Click this button to clear any items checked below. 

8. View Check Box - If an Image is associated with a workflow, check this box to open the Image Manager and review the document. Check as many boxes as you would like to open (i.e. 4 invoices to be coded, check all four boxes and they will all open).

9. View Button - Once any View Check boxes are checked below, click this button to open the Image Manager.

NOTE: Use the Show/Hide Filters button to change how the Workflow Notifications are ordered/displayed.

By clicking on the Subject of the Workflow (Bold Blue), it will roll out the details of the item. 

For Subcontract items, here's what the information will provide in the preview

1. Description of who, role, and task required for this workflow.

2. Basic Information entered about workflow. For example, an invoice entered by AP Corporate in Concord

3. Image link will open the PDF file, but NOT in Image Manager, use the View Check box as described to open in Image Manager.

4. The Audit History shows everyone who has approved or been notified prior to receipt in your workflow.