STEP 1: Open Autodesk BIM 360 website and sign in

STEP 2: Select the module selector and click Project Admin


STEP 3: Select Add

STEP 4: Type in the email address of the member, if the email populates below, pick the member and hit Select on the far right.


If the members email does NOT populate below, type in the whole email address and hit TAB on your keyboard. This will turn the email blue and allow you to add it to your project.


 *You can add multiple people at one time.



 STEP 6: Once the members have been added, make sure you fill in their company and role. This is where you can also select what modules they should have access to.


 STEP 7: Once you have added the companies, roles and given access to the modules, you can select Add to Project in the upper right.



STEP 8: After you select Add to project, the new members will be sent an email inviting them to the project from Autodesk BIM 360, not the person who added them to the project.