How Your Project Access Has Changed with the Move to SOLV Energy - Swinerton Projects

Although you and your project has not moved SOLV Energy, some updates have been made to your access to comply with necessary changes. It is important to note that your project number has stayed the same and that you will access your project the same way you always have. 

  • Your user contact code within CMiC has been updated to SOLV Energy, through business partner (company) 445. You will now be working on your 059 projects through a new business partner; but, this doesn't affect your role on the project. This is just a change that had to be made in preparation for eventually moving you and your project to the SOLV Energy company in CMiC.  
  • We have updated what projects you have access to in CMiC. When you log in to the system, the first thing you will notice that has changed is the number of projects you see when pulling up a project. When you pull up the list of active projects, you will only have access to the list of projects that have been assigned to department 059 (previously SRE). That list has been limited to active projects at this point in time. 

NOTE: Should you need to access a previously closed project from department 059, simply put in a ticket to the Service Desk and we can assist you access that particular project.