Employees access to company network drives is handled on the account level.  As long as you are on a Swinerton network then your computer should attach your network drives when you sign in or connect to the VPN client.

If you are missing your network drives, please make sure you have an active Swinerton internet connection, (if working on an outside/guest/home network then please connect to the VPN and make sure it shows "Connected" in the system tray by the clock).

Then follow these steps to reconnect your network drives:

  1. In the system tray (by the clock in the bottom-right), right-click on the dark blue icon with the letters "SI" on it. (The IP address will pop up for a moment).

  2. Select "Run Login Script".

  3. A black command window will show, wait for it to go away (may take a minute, if it takes longer just close it).

  4. Check to see if you can access your network drives.

This "login script" is meant to run when you log in (if connected to a Swinerton network) but if you connect to the VPN after logging in then it may not run automatically and the steps above need to be followed to manually run it.

If the login script still fails to run or connect your drives then please contact BTech Support.

Mac users can follow this guide to connect to the Z drive: https://support.swinerton.com/support/solutions/articles/1000044560