In order to minimize subcontractor confusion, general contractors are not able to delete bid packages after they are published. If you’d like to proceed with deleting a published bid package, please contact BuildingConnected Support and provide:

  • A brief explanation of why you’d like the bid package to be deleted so that we can provide alternatives, if available.
  • The name of the project containing the bid package you’d like to have deleted.
  • The bid package(s) you’d like to have deleted.
  • A brief statement acknowledging that once the bid package is deleted, it cannot be restored.

Please note that deleting a bid package does not delete bid package-related email notifications from a subcontractor’s inbox (i.e. ITB’s, RFP’s, bid package messages, addenda, etc.). All links to the bid package are broken so that instead of being directed to the bid package, subcontractors encounter an error saying that the bid package is not available.