ADF - Business Partner Request

STEP 1: Go to Communication Management > Business Partner Request. 

Note: Search to see if the Business Partner (BP) all ready exists in CMiC by using the "Find" box.

STEP 2: From the Business Partner Maintenance screen, click Add New in the upper-right-hand-corner of the screen.

NOTE: click the caps lock, the entire business partner should be entered in all caps

STEP 3: Complete the Business Partner Maintenance screen:

           a. Name

           b. Also Known As (Optional)

           c. Company Address

           d. Contact Information

           e. Company Information:

               Legal Entity Type: CORP, EMP, SOLE, etc.

               Registration Code: TAX ID OR SSN (for Sole).

               Class: Consultant, Employee, Subcontractor, Vendor (Skip this step for Customer BP).

           f. Click SAVE.

          g. Click User Extensions.

NOTE: Check the SSN box only if the Business Partner is Sole Proprietor and the SSN was used as Tax ID.


If you are entering a Customer BP, you are done. Adding a W9 as an Attachment is not required for Customers.

User Extensions Steps:
STEP 4: Complete the BP Update Request screen:
a. Click Insert.
b. Select Business Partner Type from LOV.
c. Click SAVE.
d. Click Attachments.

STEP 5: Browse for where you stored the Subcontractor's W9.

STEP 6: Click Upload.


STEP 7: Click EXIT.