What are Temporary Internet Files?


Temporary Internet Files (e.g. graphics, Web pages, cookies, etc...) are stored on your computer’s hard disk and cached on your computer to speed up web-surfing. However, over time these temporary internet files can occupy more hard disk space and slow down your computer, along with presenting outdated web page info. By default, Windows does not clear these Temporary Internet Files automatically, so it is recommended that you clear them periodically.


To Clear Temporary Internet Files in Microsoft Edge:

Step 1: In the Windows Search Bar type in “Edge” and click on it to launch Microsoft Edge. Or open it from your taskbar.

Step 2: Using the three dots, click on them, then select Settings

Step 3: Click on Privacy, search, and services. Then click in Clear Browsing Data on “Choose what to clear

Step 4: Ensure that the "Cookies..." and "Cached images..." boxes in the window are checked and click on “Clear now” to clear the data.

Step 5: Exit out of the Edge Browser by clicking the upper right “X” of the browser’s window