AP Voucher - Enter Voucher

On the Enterprise treeview:

STEP 1: Click on Accounts Payable > Enter Vouchers

STEP 2:  Train 1  Enter Invoices - Enter the name of your Batch, then click "Create Batch" (Required)

  • Fill Out Required Fields (a-h, with e as optional - Alt Address)
  • Invoice # - No special characters, no spaces, and all caps.
  • Then Click "Distribution" to allocate cost coding.

STEP 3: Enter cost coding and click "Accept." To enter more Vouchers, Click "Save and New" in Enter Voucher Main Page.

STEP 4: Train 2 Print Edit List - Select the Batch you want to view report. Click "Print".

STEP 5: Click "Run Report" 


STEP 6: Train 3 Post Invoices - Select Batch to Post, Enter Post Date, and then click "Post Batch"