Adjust Posted Distribution / Re-class

On the Enterprise treeview:

STEP 1: Click on Accounts Payable > Voucher > Adjust Distributions

STEP 2: Train 1 - Enter Adjustments 

- Select Company and create a batch for process.

- Lookup the Vendor and invoice # you want to adjust.

- Enter Adjustment Date and Description.

- Click "Distribution"


STEP 3: 

- Click "Insert" to add a row, enter job coding to credit back the charges

- Click "Insert" again to add a row, enter job coding to debit the correct charges.

- Note: You can use "Insert Multiple" to add several rows for multi-distribution.

- Once complete. Click "Accept" and return to "Enter Adjustments" Screen.

OPTIONAL: You can add/delete vouchers to be adjusted and use previous/next to navigate entries in that batch.

STEP 4: Train 2 Print Edit List - Select the Batch you want to view report. Click "Print".

STEP 5: Click "Run Report"  

STEP 6: Train 3 Post Invoices - Select Batch to Post, Enter Post Date, and then click "Post Batch"